Home Master TMAFC Artesian Reverse Osmosis System Review

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Home Master TMAFC Artesian Reverse Osmosis System

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Safe and pure drinking water has to be the top most priority in many homes nowadays. The only way to guarantee this is by having a good water filtration and purification system. Reverse osmosis filtration system is one of the best and most popular water filtration methods available. With so many manufacturers with different varieties and options to choose from, it can be intimidating, time-consuming or just generally hard to chose which is the best and most affordable filtration system for your home.

Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best filtration systems is the Home Master TMAFC Artesian Full Contact Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System.

The TMAFC has some improved features which make it more superior than most reverse osmosis filtration systems in many aspects

It removes 99% of dissolved solids, chemicals and metals.

Reverse osmosis is one of the ways to remove chemicals, minerals, and dissolved inorganic solids such as salts from the water supply. In a household setup, this is accomplished by household water pressure pushing the tap water through a semi-permeable membrane. Most reverse Osmosis systems will achieve this basic requirement, but the Home master Artesian Reverse Osmosis water Filtration system will achieve this and more

Improved taste

One of the areas where TMAFC definitely achieves more is here. Most Reverse Osmosis filtration systems improve taste, odor, and appearance of water by removing contaminants that cause taste and odor problems. However, this mostly ends up making the water acidic because most of the minerals have been removed. TMAFC uses their patented Full Contact technology to improve the taste by passing the water through a re-mineralization system before it leaves the filtration. The re-mineralization system helps balance the water’s pH level by adding small amounts of Calcium and Magnesium to restore the 30-60mg/l Calcium and Magnesium minerals.

A fast and Improved RO system

A faster RO kit is a standard in the TMAFC. This means it doubles water flow rate from the faucet water purifier system filling your container faster. However, while this it’s more efficient, it still wastes four gallons of impure water for every gallon of pure water produced. This amount of waste water produced can, however, be reduced by adding a permeate pump in the system. The permeate pump increases the water pressure. This can mean that the waste water is reduced to one gallon for every pure gallon of water produced. This can also increase the output of water and provide slightly cleaner water.

A modular design

The TMAFC uses a more modular filter system. This modular design means that each filter comes in its own housing. This makes it easy during the maintenance process, or when changing the filters. This is because you’ll just remove the whole housing and replace it with a new one. This is done to avoid the possibility of leaks under the sink. In the more traditional systems, only the filter will be replaced, leaving the old housing intact. Due to the constant water pressure endured by the filter housing, it was eventually bound to start leaking. Hence TMAFC eliminates this risk by making it easy to change the filter and housing with ease.

Simple maintenance

Due to the ease in which the replacement of the filters and their housing are done, you don’t really require any additional costs associated with buying tools such as wrenches or hiring a plumber because you can do it comfortably by yourself.

Ease of installation

Since most of the equipment is pre-assembled by the manufacturer, it is very easy to install. The measurements and weight make it easy to fit in the kitchen cabinet underneath the sink. There is an instructional book with detailed descriptions including color photos and a troubleshooting guide that come in the box to help you if you get stuck. If you’re an avid DIYer, you can use these resources to help you; otherwise, you can have it installed by a plumber.

Reduces storage tank degradation

Since the purified water is non-acidic due to the re-mineralization process, the storage tank is not easily degraded, hence having a longer life span compared to other RO methods which do not have this full contact technology.

Environmentally friendly

The fact that you don’t need to keep buying bottled water will go a long way in reducing the carbon footprint. If more people were doing it more collectively then the impact would be huge.


· A faster flow rate that is twice as fast as the traditional RO systems

· Longer lasting filters that require service after a year, or after 2000 gallons

· Easy to change filters that do not require any expertise while changing them

· Advanced filtration and purification stages that remove 99% of metals, chemicals, sediments and other contaminants

· A better RO system that includes an innovative design which solves common problems associated with traditional RO systems

· Superior performance that has made it one of the best RO systems in the market backed up by a five-year limited warranty

· Patented Full contact technology


· Water wastage, If you do not have a permeate pump then it will take 4 gallons of water to produce one gallon of pure water. The TMAFC does not come with the permeate pump, so you will have to install it

· The production rate of 50 gallons a day can be limiting to some households.

In Conclusion, after doing the Home Master TMAFC Artesian Reverse Osmosis System Review, it is so obvious that this is best Reverse Osmosis system that every home should install. It has a lot of features that are highly modified but the fact that they have patented their full contact technology; this means that the only RO unit able to give you mineral water on tap is the Home Master Artesian Reverse Osmosis system. The re-mineralization should be the icing on the cake for you to make that final crucial decision when deciding to purchase this state of the Art water filtration and purification system. The fact they also have a five-year warranty shows that they are very confident with their product.


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